A Nation Falling Apart at the Seams

Date: April 2, 2024 Host: Jim Schneider ​Guest: Alex Newman MP3 | Order

With each passing day you can’t help but wonder, what’s next?  The things happening in America are happening so quickly.  For example, just a few years ago we had the most secure borders ever and we were energy independent.  Evidence indicates that America is more divided than ever and from the highest office in the land, Resurrection Sunday was hijacked by a transgender day of visibility.

So as you look at our nation from these facets as well as others, it’s clear that America is “falling apart at the seams.” 

Returning to Crosstalk to explain why was Alex Newman.  Alex is an award-winning international freelance journalist, author, researcher, educator and consultant.  He is senior editor for The New American.  He’s co-author of Crimes of the Educators, author of  Deep State: The Invisible Government Behind the Scenes and author of, Indoctrinating Our Children to Death.  He is founder of Liberty Sentinel.

Alex began his analysis by describing his prognosis for the future of America.  He believes that when you look at the situation objectively and honestly, we’re a nation that is on the verge of collapse and that we’re seeing the judgment of God due to wickedness that unfortunately pervades much of society.  That is coupled with blatant rebellion that will only bring more judgment to our land. 

Our national debt situation topped the list of areas of concern.  Jim indicated that the U.S. debt stands at 34.6 trillion dollars.  That doesn’t include what’s been raided from Social Security and other funds.  Alex responded by indicating that we’re on the verge of “economic catastrophe.”  We have over 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities.  That’s about ten times the size of the national economy and what we produce in a year and there’s no way that this figure could ever be paid off.  Alex believes that this alone means certain economic doom and adding to the problem has been the attempt to monetize the debt by printing trillions of dollars just over the last few years.      

We’re also falling apart on the energy front and Alex believes this is deliberate.   Alex attended a U.N. climate conference and while the group seemed to communicate the idea of phasing out fossil fuels, throughout the conference the Communist Chinese were making oil and gas deals with the Arabs.  He contends that Russia, China and the Arabs aren’t going to stop drilling for oil and gas or stop building coal fired power plants.  He believes this shows that the energy systems of the West are being deliberately destroyed because you can’t simply substitute nuclear power plants with windmills and solar panels. 

As the program progressed, Alex commented on the state of the U.S. border, the public education system, the military, and where we’re at politically and spiritually. 

Alex described numerous problems that the New American has been warning the public about for many years.  Get the details, and hear what callers had to say, when you review this edition of Crosstalk.

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