Islam’s Advance

Date: June 11, 2024 Host: Jim Schneider ​Guest: Usama Dakdok MP3 | Order

Just over 14 years ago, Usama Dakdok made his first appearance on Crosstalk.  At that time he warned listeners about the goal of Islam and the caliphate whereby the lands and the people would be under the domain of Islam.  He warned that this would take place in Europe.  The result?  In our day we are literally watching the transformation of Great Britain, France, Germany and the European Union.

Sadly, it’s also taking place here in America, not just on university campuses but in cities across the nation.  We can see from their protests that this movement is against not only Jews, but Christians and everything America stands for.   

Usama Dakdok is founder of the Straight Way of Grace Ministry.  He’s the speaker on the daily radio broadcast, Revealing the Truth About Islam.  Usama speaks fluent Arabic and has translated the Quran into English.  He is the author of Exposing the Truth about the Qur’an and Exposing the Truth About Jihad and the booklets, The Violent Truth about Islam and The Straight Way to Eternal Life.

Beginning with Europe, Jim noted how in Germany’s recent election, the Muslim Party received just over 41%  of the vote. In fact, things are so bad, writer Robert Spencer noted that Britain, “…is in its last days as a free society and will soon become an Islamic state.”      

To further show the depth of the problem in Europe, Spencer wrote about Lawrence Fox, the English actor turned political activist.  Fox communicated that the mayors of London, Birmingham, Leeds, Blackburn, Sheffield, Oxford, Luton, Oldham and Rochdale are all Muslim.  All that was achieved by only 4 million Muslims out of 66 million people in England.  The article went on to reveal that there’s over 3,000 mosques in England, over 130 Sharia courts, more than 50 Sharia councils, 78% of Muslim women do not work yet receive state support, 63% of Muslims don’t work yet receive state support and free housing and every UK school is required to teach lessons about Islam. 

Another troubling turn is the increase in honor crimes/killings.  Jim reported that there’s been a 62% increase in the last two years.  Usama indicated this is due to more Muslims migrating to Europe and the U.S.  This is helped along by a media that’s reluctant to report on it.

Usama noted that the situation in England was achieved by the Muslim Brotherhood and that overall, this simply isn’t Muslim refugees looking for a better life under democracy.  In other words, this is not immigration, it’s invasion and it’s happening because Muslims are using the laws of the West to take over and he believes this is coming to America very soon.

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